Friday, June 13, 2014

Josie's Gotcha day

This month marks the third anniversary of Josie's adoption. June 13, 2011 was Josie's gotcha day in China.
When we first started our adoption we did not think we would be able to adopt from China, because we did not meet all of their qualifications. I was looking at waiting children on WACAP's waiting child page and found a little girl with Down syndrome from China. I contacted them and asked if they thought China would consider us. They said they did not know but that we could fill out the paperwork and they would ask. As you know they said yes and we were so excited! Since that time I have found that China often waives some restrictions for special needs children.
 By that time the little girl that we asked about had already been adopted. WACAP then sent us some files for other little girls with Down syndrome and we chose Josie.
Josie had been abandoned at three months of age. When she was found she had an IV installed in her head. Her diagnosis said she had a PDA ( Patent Ductus Arteriosus) .

These two pictures were the first ones we received of her.

We later received this picture in an update.

Most adoptions have some kind of crisis that happens before it is over. We had received travel approval from China when we received word that China's adoption center had shut down our adoption of Josie. We were told that she had probably died. It was hard to believe we had come that far and just like that it was over. The only thing we could do was choose another child and wait four more months. At that time we chose Janna (The same Janna we adopted 18 months later) and started preparing our paper work for her.
While all this was happening someone with WACAP was in China and decided they would investigate and try and find out what had happened to Josie. They discovered that she had been in the hospital and had been very sick but she was doing better. We then got a call from WACAP that we could continue with our adoption of Josie! This all transpired in a very long ten days.

On June 10th I flew to China by myself and my husband came two days later to meet me.

The ladies that brought Josie to me were so sweet and you could tell they loved Josie! They were sure I would not want to adopt her because of her heart defect.

At first they would not let me hold her and all I could do was sit and look at her.

My guide finally suggested they let me hold her. I was so thrilled!

They had the hardest time letting her go! Giving her one last bottle was very important to them.

She was two years old and weighed 17 pounds.

It has been an incredible experience to watch Josie transform. She was well taken care of in China but nothing takes the place of a mother and father!

For me Josie was a dream come true! Since I was a teenager I had hoped that sometime I would be able to adopt from China.

One month after we brought her home she had her heart defect repaired. Her pulmonary pressures were very high and at first there was a question about whether or not they would be able to repair it. We are so thankful that her heart is now perfect and she has no long term damage.

She was a very grumpy patient and was terrified of anything medical.

As soon as her heart was repaired she started to gain weight and her development took off.

One month later she started to walk. We tried everything to get her to crawl but she would never even try.

The last three years have been a time of learning and experiencing new things.

She definitely learned to love chocolate!

Learning what it is like to have a Daddy to love you!

Experiencing how cool it is to have big brothers!

Getting extra cute haircuts!

Developing a very close bond with her sister!

Loving baby dolls.

Getting to go camping and boating for the first time and getting very dirty.

Helping Daddy do the chores.

Looking adorable in her first Easter dress.

Getting to celebrate birthdays with a family!
3 years old

4 years old

5 years old

Becoming very active and loving to play outside.

Learning to cope with two new sisters was very hard on Josie. It took a few months before she really began to relax and be friends.

It has been a joy parenting Josie for these last three years.


  1. Oh Amy. I just wandered over to your blog.. I'm so glad it did. It felt like a little visit with your precious family. We miss all of you dearly. It seems like just yesterday we were anxiously watching your blog in June 3 years ago! How Josie has changed and thrived! Sweet girl. :) Thank you for all of your posts. Now I can put July 11th on the calendar and watch for Jadon's homecoming! So excited for him and you. Hugs to all of you!

  2. She is SO precious! As are all of your kiddos. :) I can't wait to see how Jadon does when you finally get to bring him home!